Michelle Bester RTR         Born in South Africa, Michelle grew up loving people. When she came of age, she immediately went into sales (which felt like the perfect combination of using her natural management and people skills). She and her husband married in 2004 and had two awesome children. Michelle continued on in sales for 10 more years until deciding that she'd like to be home with her children during these formative years. She took on the challenge of becoming a sports massage therapist, which was perfect for her already-active lifestyle and timeframe. She even opened her own massage business in St. Johns County after moving here in 2014. But as her children grew more independent, she once again felt drawn to sales. Real Estate seemed the perfect fit.

         Michelle absolutely loves learning about people and their life experiences. She is constantly amazed by how different we all are! It's why Real Estate, as she puts it, "is the perfect job." Homes are such a personal part of someone's life, she wants every transaction to be exciting and joyful. She tells her clients, "You'll know when you're home. It may not have every single detail you'd wished for, but it will feel right." 

       When she's not working, you'll find her doing something active outside (she's not afraid to get dirty). She loves the time she gets to spend with her growing children. And if she has the opportunity to dress up for a party? Well, that rounds out the perfect weekend!